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Michaiah LIFE

Michaiah Dominguez

Public Figure, Therapist, Author

Michaiah's the real deal. You can tell she's been through some things and overcome some things. You can just feel it. She knows what she's talking about.
- Current client
What Michaiah's About


          Michaiah is not just a therapist; she is a compassionate storyteller known for her relatable humor, compassionate spirit, and down-to-earth wisdom. By seamlessly weaving personal narratives of love, loss, and rebirth with clinical expertise, Michaiah empowers individuals to navigate life's challenges with confidence, courageousness, and grace. Her mission is to strengthen your relationships and foster personal growth through radical honesty, practical solutions, and cultivating intimacy. 

          Now, joining the MTV family, Michaiah continues to bring her vibrant personality and therapeutic insights to an even broader audience. Her recent endeavors with the network showcase her commitment to breaking down barriers and bringing honest and vulnerable discussions to the forefront, all while keeping it lighthearted and relatable.


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