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It’s Personal

A guided Wellness Journal For Introspection & Self-Love


This is the mental health informed journal you’ve been waiting for to support you in your self- discovery journey. Loaded with mental health insights, probing questions, and engaging exercises, you will have the opportunity to experience self-awareness in a whole new way. 

In this journal, you get to honor and explore your feelings, growth, goals, and wellness by giving yourself time and space to reflect on your relationship with YOU. 

Because of your OVERWHELMING support, signed copies are SOLD OUT.

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After The Divorce

A guided Wellness Journal For Divorce Support & Healing

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This mental health informed journal is the support you need as you navigate your divorce. Loaded with probing questions and engaging exercises, you will have the opportunity to experience self-discovery in a whole new way. 


It's time to ask the hard questions and extract the lessons so that after the divorce, you are ready to live and love again.




Marcus Gill

Her words of encouragement in this journal are indeed the antidote for the broken-hearted. Michaiah yokes the painful reality of your circumstances with joyful proclamations of your greater future, to push you into healing.

Dr. Anna Flores Locke

In this indispensable 

resource, Michaiah offers a clinically informed guide for those searching for new meaning after divorce... This book will empower and motivate you to reach a new level of fulfillment.

Eric Yip

From the first conversation I had with Michaiah, I knew she would be one of the few I would keep in my inner circle of trusted opinions. To be able to walk through this process with her has been a blessing in walking through one of the toughest trials in life.