ABOUT Michaiah

Strengthen your most intimate relationships and deepen self-love with Michaiah Dominguez, Mental Health Counselor and Relationship Coach.


Her mission is to educate, empower, and heal by challenging you to create the wholehearted, healed, purpose-driven, and joyous life you desire. She equips you with the tools to cultivate the quality relationships you deserve. What you want can be yours regardless of the obstacles or choices of your past. 


Through this work, Michaiah is committed to reducing the stigma associated with mental health services in communities of color and aims to make mental health and wellness resources accessible to all. 

In Winter 2020, she authored the mental health informed journal, “After the Divorce” and the release of her second journal, “It’s Personal”, hit Amazon January 2021. 

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LIFE Services is where Michaiah instills hope and fosters healing so that you can experience more life!


After 20 years of experience as a workshop facilitator and teacher, Michaiah founded Michaiah LIFE Services. The company serves as a hub for a variety of mental health workshops, relationship coaching, divorce recovery, support groups, and curriculum for individuals and couples. 

Michaiah LIFE Services' foundational principles are 

Love for self & others

Intimacy within romantic partnerships

Faith in God and your purpose

Education via events & social media platforms

These concepts inspire all of the services and evidence-based content.